The Night Circus

I love books, especially ones that leave you completely overwhelmed after you have read them. The Night Circus is one of the those books and THE MOVIE RIGHTS HAVE SOLD!!! I am so excited. :)

My review:

If ever a tale of two star-crossed lovers be, The Night Circus is the story you seek. 

 There is a new attraction at the circus, two white snakes dance together so perfectly that you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins. The dance turns to a battle and the snakes turn black. The whole book is full of symbolism, but this is probably the best example the book gives. Marco and Celia’s love was white and pure, everything that love should be. The contest or the game, much like the music being played for the snakes, turned their love into a bad thing, polluting it.

 I suggest you read this book slowly and think about it as you read; there is often more than one meaning to the passages.

 I thought at times that the book was dragging, but that was only because I was not looking at it the right way. The author’s style is wonderful, but confusing (in a good way). She describes everything to the last detail weaving the magic that makes the circus, but she leaves just enough for the air of mystery that keeps you guessing the entire book.

 Every character, every story, every tangent is important. I LOVED this book. It has been a long time since a book has completely pulled me in. I could feel the magic from the circus, the love between Marco and Celia, and the curiosity of the patrons. 

 There are so many great quotes from this book, but the one I think describes the book the best is “But dreams have ways of turning into nightmares…”

 I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves magic, games with rules that are unknown, and above all love in all of its forms.


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