Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are a great gift idea. I am in the middle of putting together a baby present and decided to add one to all the other stuff I am making. I was able to find fleece for $3 a yard. For a baby blanket you only need one yard. I just fringed the end of mine. You can also knot or braid the ends. Some people do a printed fleece and a plain and knot them together to make a thicker blanket. I found a wonderful tutorial for anyone who would like to watch one being made before they tackle their own.


We love camping! However... there is one thing you have to do when you camp that I really get NO practice on the rest of the year. LIGHTING A FIRE. Luckily, I went to enough summer camps as a child that I was able to fumble through it last year. Then I found these neat little things that help to start your fire...and cost... *Drum Roll* NOTHING!

Everything used to make these are recycled from stuff you have in your house... toilet paper rolls, dryer lint, and newspaper :)

Stuff lint in tubes... as loose or tight as you want.

Wrap in Newspaper. 

Makes fire a lot easier to start :)
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