Once Upon A Time

This show sucked me right in this past month. I have watched all of season one and am so excited that SEASON 2 STARTS TONIGHT. Once Upon A Time premieres tonight at 8 on ABC! I was very intrigued with many of the twists and turns they added in the first season. Many of which I did not see coming. All of the costumes were wonderful and I was pleasantly surprised with the acting as well. Now that Magic has returned I wonder what will happen in the new season. :)

My FAVORITE character has got to be Rumpelstiltskin. Not only is the character well written but Robert Carlyle does a wonderful job playing him. He has his wicked and playful laugh down. My favorite twist in the show has been what I call "The Beauty and the Beast" twist. I am interested to see what happens to this couple next season.


Making some changes to the blog! New layout and a follow me widget will soon be here!


Z is for Zoey!

She was very excited to get to Z (and no, not because that meant we are done :P). Since Z is a hard letter too, we just went with a self-portrait!


Y is for Yolk.

Y is a hard letter. This was the best I could come up with. I let her draw a squiggly shape like a fried egg and then add the yolk with a yellow crayon.


X is for Xray!

I put a black construction paper background down so we could use white paint like "bones". I painted a few lines and dashes on her hand and let her stamp it down. She was a little fidgety today, we haven't got to work much so I think she was just excited :)


My daughter LOVES these books. I just think they are okay. I have nothing against them but they are not my favorite. Every time we go to the library she picks a new one out. They are cute. They are set around a little girl who thinks she is a princess and likes to be called Pinkalicious. :) If you have a little princess of your own you should check them out.


This is one of my new favorite shows. Grimm returns tonight at 9 on NBC. I love that the fairy tales are getting showed for how twisted they are. I am HUGE fan of fairy tales... ALL of them. I like watching the cleaned up versions with my daughter, I like reading the more adult stories from the groups I am in on Goodreads, and I LOVE watching Grimm and how they let the tales shine in their original form, dark and twisted.

Monroe is my fav :)

Cough Help

These are just a few tricks I have picked up from when my little one was very small and had a HORRIBLE cold. There is no longer children's (infants) cough medicine on the market. So you have to find other ways to combat the cough. 

First off Honey. Local honey is always the best choice, but there is nothing wrong with national brands. You can mix it in tea, but I have found the best way to take it is just right off the spoon especially if your throat is raw. The honey coats it for a while and makes you feel less miserable. 

Have you ever coughed so bad it woke you up at night? I HATE that. Not only are you sick, but you are now miserable because you can't sleep. This is a old hand me down remedy that I did not believe until I tried it. Right before bed put Vicks Vapor Rub or Mentholatum on the bottom of your feet and then put socks on. I have always been skeptic when it comes to Vicks because applying it to your chest has made many people worse and they suggest not using it on kids. But after talking to the daughter's doctor and doing some googling we gave the feet trick a try. It is AMAZING. She actually got a good nights sleep. It even works on adults :)


I am back from my short visit with family :) We had a great time. Now I am getting all of my Halloween and Christmas craft ideas organized!!!

I Love Fairy Tales!


W is for Wizard with a wand. - yes lots of W's I know. I'm awesome.

I cut a blob, a triangle, and a rectangle out of construction paper and had her glue those down.

I painted her palm light brown and her fingers white for the beard. We added googly eyes and face stickers.

Yes, she wanted him to have the mustache. lol. Even though the mustache and beard don't match.... whatever, her art not mine.

 I used a hole punch for the silver swirls. I made a dotted line for the wand and let her draw it, then I added the star.


V is for Vase. 

I cut out the V and let her glue it down. 

I made dotted lined for the stems and let her trace them with a marker. Flowers and leaves are stickers.

Llama Llama!

Have you heard of Anna Dewdney?!

She is an author and a fabulous one at that. My little is obsessed with her books. They are just so catchy!

If you have never read one, we have them at our library (they are going on the Christmas list) but there is also this great site where you can read them for free

It is a great organization. Even if these books would not interest you they have others.


U is for UNICORN!

Everyone does umbrella for U. I wanted to do something else. It took me forever to find a pre-k friendly unicorn craft that me and my limited drawing skills would be up to.

I finally found a unicorn that you can make out of their footprint.

Everything we used:

  • paint - white and brown (black would work too)
  • googly eye (you could always paint an eyeball instead)
  • glitter (just for some added fun)
  • dyed rice (to make the horn stand out, but you could paint it)

First make the foot print. I turned the paper long ways so she had enough room.

Add googly eye, nose, and mouth. Add hair, glitter will adhere to the paint.

Add glue in the shape of a tall, skinny triangle. Cover in dyed rice or even glitter. 

Not Cute

Want to know something that bugs me?

Little girls acting like they are stupid (not goofy, but um "I don't know the answer" - when they really do). It's not cute.

Worse, realizing that this is a learned behavior and that they do it because grown women do it too.

WHY?! Seriously?!

In all fairness its not just little girls, I have seen little boys do the same thing but it seems to be more common for girls. Or honestly females in general.

It drives me batty. It's not okay. It's not cute.

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