Christmas in July

I am on a mission this year. I am going to pay for all the Elf on a Shelf stuff and stocking stuffers with change and gift cards I earn through Swagbucks. Personally I love Swagbucks. It is a couple of moments every day and I earn points and they give me gift cards. This makes me a very happy mommy. I am also a little crazy and I am keeping track of what I spend (in change) just because I want to know how much I ended up saving.

Perks to shopping early

  • less budget shock. (you know what I am talking about... the Christmas OMGAH! THIS COSTS SO MUCH!!!)
  • The ability to shop many many many sales and clearance aisles 
  • Less stress. I already have a shoe box full of Christmas stuff... and you know what? I feel awesome!
  • Christmas stuff is OFF SEASON in the summer and VERY cheap usually
This method is not for all people, but you might want to consider starting a general "gift box". Good things to put in one of those are throw blankets, movies, and candles. So if you need a quick gift you have it. :)


To Bribe or Not to Bribe? That is the question.

Most of the time parents do not think twice about offering their kid a piece of candy or maybe even a new toy in order to get them to behave when they are out in public. The truth is MOST of the time its okay. Everything in moderation right? I am a big belief of everything in moderation.

My daughter is rarely bad in public, she just has some off days. I refuse to feel bad for the $1 toy or piece of candy that I give her. The fact is everyone is entitled to a bad day. The difference is when you have a bad day you can choose to sit at home and not go out, but your child doesn't get to decide when you drag them to the store or anywhere else.

Bribing becomes bad when its an all the time thing. When you have to provide you child with some type of treat for good behavior. That is not good. Your child has now taken your brides as a reward for bad behavior, which they were never supposed to be.

and as a parting piece of advice...


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