Toilet Paper Snowmen

Well we managed to get one more winter craft in after all, I thought the marshmallow snowmen would be the last. 

These are toilet paper rolls - painted white. Other materials googly eyes, scrap paper, sequins, scrap ribbon, pipe cleaner, pom poms. The base it is sitting on is a paper plate with glued on shredded cotton balls. 

Marshmallow Snowmen

We had a bag of open marshmallows that were getting hard. So I broke them out and let Z and her cousin make snowmen, especially since its calling for snow and this is probably the last winter/snow craft we will be able to get in. 
I used school glue and made 3 circles, they put the marshmallows on. They used markers for the other features. The snow is white paint. Snow flakes are thumbprints. We sprinkled a little glitter on for some sparkle :)

Princess Day!

In honor of Sofia the First series premiere, we are having a Princess Day! - I spent nothing (this is all stuff I had here... okay so it cost me some sleep... but we won't talk about that)

The whole set up.
Real tea set, white lights, coloring pages, nail stuff, and a pretty glittered banner.

Crown I threw together after I could not find any of hers.

a cute little table set up - complete with wrapped silverware

and of course cupcakes

this is how happy she was (ignore her night shirt...idk what she got on it SMH)

Valentine Surprises

I have a surprised planned for each day of Feb. leading up to Valentines. Some of them cost a little and some were free and stuff I already have. All in all it ended up coming out to about $10 for 14 bags of stuff.

1. craft project w/ puzzle pieces

2. make v-day cards

3. rice crispy ginger bread house kit (was bought on clearence - only going to use red and white candies and I bought conversation hearts to add to it)

4. fairy ornament (xmas clearence - doesnt look xmas-y)

5. nail polish and lip gloss (xmas clearence)

6. reese peices

7. pink rubber duck (she collects them)

8. Crayons (craft clearence - some weird limited edtion smoothie colored crayola)

9. coloring pages

10. make mimi gift (that's my mom)

11. marble art w/ a heart

12. craft project w/ milk jug

13. make your own pizza night with mimi (she loves doing this.. this was $0 cause we were going to have to make dinner anyways)

14. big present - my little pony toothbrush and rinse cup (xmas clearence) hello kitty pencils and notebook($1 section), mini M&Ms (free at CVS last week)


Be Positive!

This is something I have truly come to believe. This does not mean that I HAVE to do everything... just that I can truly do anything!

Valentine's Counter

I had some leftover poster and some leftover blackboard paint. So I threw them together and came out with this. This will be posted where she can reach it and we will change the number everyday. This is good for 3 things... I am all about multi-tasking, LOL. 
1. Decoration
2. Will make her think about numbers
3. Fine motor skills... writing the numbers everyday

Scrap red poster, small block of chalkboard paint, black sharpie, and red glitter glue. 


Mimosa Cupcakes

Cake: *some people prefer all purpose, I do not. So I used self rising. They still turned out wonderful* I also left out the vanilla extract. THIS RECIPE MAKES 28 CUPCAKES!!!

2 3/4 cup self rising flour
3/4 shortening or butter
1 2/3 cup sugar
5 egg whites
3/4 cup ginger ale or champagne (I used ginger ale, champagne is gross lol)
1/2 cup orange juice
1 tsp orange zest

1.preheat oven to 350. Beat shortening, sugar, and eggs together. 
2. mix ginger ale and orange juice. Alternating between flour and ginger ale mixture gradually add them to batter. 
3. add to muffin cups 2/3 of the way full. bake for 18-20 mins. (mine were done at exactly 18)

6 cups of powdered sugar
1/2 cup butter or margarine (margarine tasted just fine)
3 tbsp of ginger ale or champagne
2 tbsp of orange juice 

1. mix everything together. If too stiff add some extra orange juice one tbsp at a time until you get it the way you want. 
2. I used the star tip and piped starting from the outside in a swirl. Then added clear sugar sprinkles and small sugar pearls. 

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