Cough Help

These are just a few tricks I have picked up from when my little one was very small and had a HORRIBLE cold. There is no longer children's (infants) cough medicine on the market. So you have to find other ways to combat the cough. 

First off Honey. Local honey is always the best choice, but there is nothing wrong with national brands. You can mix it in tea, but I have found the best way to take it is just right off the spoon especially if your throat is raw. The honey coats it for a while and makes you feel less miserable. 

Have you ever coughed so bad it woke you up at night? I HATE that. Not only are you sick, but you are now miserable because you can't sleep. This is a old hand me down remedy that I did not believe until I tried it. Right before bed put Vicks Vapor Rub or Mentholatum on the bottom of your feet and then put socks on. I have always been skeptic when it comes to Vicks because applying it to your chest has made many people worse and they suggest not using it on kids. But after talking to the daughter's doctor and doing some googling we gave the feet trick a try. It is AMAZING. She actually got a good nights sleep. It even works on adults :)


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