Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament

These little guys are made out of bottle caps. I saved them from my dad's beer bottles and my Smirnoff :) You can also buy them at craft stores. If you buy them from a craft store you can purchase white. If you recycle your own you will need white spray paint (99cent). I did not spray the flat side.... lay them upside down. So they should look like little bowls before you spray paint them. There are many tutorials out there for these guys, some are elaborate and have hats and scarfs. I made ornaments ALL day... I was going for done.. not astounding. These were actually really easy. I would say this is an older child craft, it takes hot glue and a steady hand. I did not let my 4 yr old help.

Spray paint bottle caps. Let dry.
After your caps are dry, you will need - black ink pad (optional), black and orange paint, 2 paint brushes, a push pin, hot glue, and white ribbon (not pictured)

I used the bottom end of one of the paint brushes as a stamp for the eyes. A small paint brush for the carrot nose and a sewing pin or a jewerly pin for the small dots of the mouth and buttons. To define the edges a little you just need to barely touch them against the stamp pad.

To hang them, I turned them over and glued a ribbon down there back and left a little loop at the top. 


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