Halloween Wreath

Here is a fun fact: I am broke. (like everyone else)

So when I decided to decorate for Halloween I knew there was going to be A LOT of creativity involved. One of the best things to decorate with. A WREATH! Even if you are running behind and haven't decorated anything else it at least makes you look like you are on it :).

 I will not lie. This was not a quick project. I have never made a wreath before and some of it I did not think all the way through.

Pipe insulation (big long foam tube with a slit for wrapping around pipes)
Duck tape
Assorted paints / glitter glue
Old T-shirts
Interfacing (Iron on)
Tulle (Ribbon will work just fine)
Hot Glue
Cardboard (I used old toilet paper rolls)
Popsicle sticks

First off make your wreath. Secure pipe insulation in a circle with duck tape. I went ahead and wrapped duck tape around the whole thing just to make it a little more durable.

Now. Cut up some fabric or a old t-shirt and wrap it around your wreath. 

Iron on interfacing to your other shirt or fabric. Fold in half. Draw half a bat on the interfacing and cut out. (Just like you learned how to do in elementary school with the hearts)

My bat was droopy. I tried I really did. I even painted him with Mod-podge and then with a glittery black paint, but he would just not stiffen up. So I added popsicle sticks to his back to strengthen him. Then hot glued him to the wreath.

Now... I was supposed to be done at this point. But I didn't like it. It was just missing something. A pop a color... some glitter... something.

So how about both. Toilet paper rolls cut into letter E-E-K. Lime green paint and glitter.

TA-DA! Finally... a wreath :D (hoping my next one goes a little smoother.)


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