Holy Crap it's New Years Eve!

I don't really have any resolutions to share but goals are important so I do have some of those :)

1. Keep writing - I'm decent at it and it's fun
2. Compile a cookbook - have literally been half-a** attempting this one for yrs.
3. Work on overall organization and sticking to a schedule
4. and most important FIND and GET a JOB!

Anyone else setting any goals or making any resolutions?

Over 1,000 pageviews!

My blog has now been looked at over 1,000 times! I am sooo surprised! However... yall are still UBER quiet! lol.

Hotel Transylvania

We saw this movie before Christmas and it was hilarious - even for the adults. There were lots of jokes and just overall all the supernatural characters were interesting. They all had their own quirks.

Hotel Transylvania is a resort and hotel for supernatural creatures, where they can relax and stay away from the scary humans. They enjoy all kinds of activities... like synchronized swimming... lol. 

Until one day when a human stumbles upon the hotel... after meeting Dracula's daughter sparks fly. This is an incredibly cute movie. I highly recommend it :)

Merry Christmas!

Merry be-lated Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Hot Chocolate Spoons

We handed these out for gifts this year. They could not have been easier. Candy melts melted in the microwave, dip spoon in and coat in the choc. then push marshmallows or peppermint in it and let it set before you bag them up.

Elf Day 23-25

23.  Christmas is almost here finish up your projects and make the house pretty for Santa!

Snowmen and Reindeer Clay pots!

Santa STOP Here sign

24. Reindeer food - from leftover grits and glitter from the candy cane garden

25. Nerd fun book. Christmas is over. I let her keep the Elf.. cause she really likes him. I just wrote a note that said he will only have  magic in Dec. 

Elf Day 20-22

20. Ginger hung up a banner letting Zoey know that there are only 5 days til Christmas! He sat his butt on the surround sound speaker :)

21. Snow angels!

22. Ginger snuck into Zoey's room and painted her nose red, like rudolph! He was found holding the paint and brush.

Elf Day 19

Today's elf antics are simple. Just a decorated white board. My sister assisted me :) Her artwork.

Elf Day 18 - Candy Cane Garden Finale

Zoey woke up this morning and her candy canes had grown! I used reese pieces filled canes because she really likes those, but you can also use reg. candy canes.

*tip* when you clean this up... DO NOT throw the glitter oatmeal/grits away. Save it for reindeer food on the 24th!

Elf Day 17 - Candy Cane Garden!

In the morning Zoey will wake up and see her elf - Ginger with lots of items and a letter. His letter is wrote in poem form. I made it up, feel free to borrow it. :)

Candy Cane Garden Poem

A gift from me to you, everything you need
to plant a candy cane garden, even the seeds.

Dump in the dirt and add a little magic,
plant the seeds - it will be fantastic!

Wait one day,
and while you play.

The seeds you have sown,
will soon be grown.

❤ Ginger (insert your elves name here - instead of Ginger)

Here is my sister after she decorated the paper the poem is on... laughing... lol

Now - back to business. What you need for a candy cane garden:
North Pole Dirt/Soil - I had every intention of using oatmean... but guess what? yep, were out. So... I used grits. :) 

Magic - glitter or sequins... anything sparkly

Peppermint seeds - peppermints 


Now lay everything out... :) I will post pics of the grown candy canes tomorrow!

Christmas Cards

These are some really simple cards we threw together. They are all done with thumb prints. I added a few details, markers, stickers, sequins - after they had dried.

Elf Day 14 -16

14 - Ginger hung out and watched the house from high up on the window. 

15 - Ginger and Loopsy were spotted having a tea party

16 - Ginger brought Zoey "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". I got it when Barnes and Noble had them on sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free. The other two are going under the tree :)

Elf Day 13

So Ginger (elf) almost didnt get moved last night. I laid down to read a little and fell asleep. Woke up at 530 and panicked... this is what a panicked elf gets you. A TP'd tree.

Elf Day 12

Ginger was found lounging in a bubble bath of cotton balls. complete with folded tissues for the bath mat and 'monogrammed' towel.

Elf Day 11

Ginger was found hanging in his sleigh with a note for Zoey. "Christmas is almost here, so let's spread some Christmas cheer. Make Christmas cards with your mommy. ❤ Ginger."

More Holiday Books

Little Miss Spider: A Christmas Wish
4 stars

An incredibly cute story about Little Miss Spider. She goes out to play in the snow and meets a friend.


Llama Llama Holiday Drama
5 stars

llama llama is at it again. This time the holidays are taking its toll and llama is getting impatient. His mom tells him the best part of Christmas is being with the people you love.


Cinderella's Fairy Merry Christmas
2.5 stars

Something about this book annoyed the crap out of me. Cinderella's fairy godmother shows up to help her decorate for her and prince's first Christmas together. Her godmother keeps putting up big and elaborate decorations when all Cinderella wants is something small and homemade. In the end they have wonderful first Christmas.


Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas
3 stars

Nancy was a little annoying, but so are all kids when the holiday excitement strikes. My little one loved it though. After an ornament mis-hap grandpa saves the day and teaches the girls how to make ornaments for the tree. 

Elf Day 10

The dollar store is a wonderful place. Today Zoey got a foam Christmas tree and snowman. They have the shapes and sticker foam shapes to decorate them with.

Elf Day 9

Ginger was spotted this morning sucking up syrup through a straw.

Free Christmas Events

Most communities have something. There have been several free holiday activities around us - parades and what not. Yesterday our local choral society put on a sing-along carol concert for the kids it was beautiful and better FREE!

Elf Day 8

Ginger changed our desktop picture to a picture of himself and Rudolph! (ignore the dirty desk, lol)

Elf Day 7

Today Ginger left her a gingerbread house! We made a real one last year and let me warn you now. If you have never been to culinary school and if you are not a pastry chef you should never EVER attempt one of those beasts. Notice this one is a cute foam and sticker version :)

It came out really cute!

She had a blast!

Elf Day 6

Today Ginger was spotted hanging out in Zoey's stocking!

Rise of the Guardians

We went and saw this today and it was wonderful. It had a great story line of Jack Frost accepting who he was and of all the guardians protecting children.

 There were many funny moments. The elves were hilarious. I have watched what feels like hundreds of Christmas movies and I have never seen elves depicted that way.

This little guy stole the show! The sandman can't talk, but he more than made up for it!

Elf Day #5

Today Ginger brought Zoey coloring pages!

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